Saturday, December 26, 2009

Day One: Getting to know my Snuggie

To help me get to know my Snuggie, we had an impromptu Snuggie fashion shoot on Christmas night.

The Snuggie is perfect for reading. Before putting on the Snuggie, I was in fact illiterate.
*Note the fabulous bookmark/light that came free with my Snuggie! Fantastic!

Giving you tall! You can't handle this.

Faces full of fashion.

Lola gives the new Snuggie her howl of approval.

Cocktails by the tree anyone?? Rawwwwwwwr!


  1. Aw... Every time a bell rings, a fierce boy gets his Fashion Snuggie. Love it! {and I love you, too!} Damn, babycakes, you put my pink Snuggie to shame lol!