Saturday, December 26, 2009

Welcome to The Snuggie Diaries

I have clowned Snuggies ever since they came out. I have clowned them EXTRA hard this year, with the much advertised introduction of the Fashion Snuggie.
Well, Miss Fate is a bitch and she bit me right in my ass...guess what my mother-in-law (bless her loving, well-intended, yet slightly devious soul) got me this Christmas...OH YESSSSSSS, a Fashion Snuggie!!! I have, ladies and gents, been Snuggie'd and I didn't even see it coming.

I strongly believe that when life gives you lemons, you should add a few ounces of vodka and make Lemon Drops. And when life gives you Snuggies, you should not re-gift or tell the gifter it was damaged in a horrible laundry accident you can't bring yourself to discuss...stand up and own the Snuggie! Rock the Snuggie! WORK the Snuggie!

So while the Snuggie, in look and concept...even in all its glorious fleecy leopard goodness goes against everything that I have believed thus far to be fashionable, I make a commitment, today and before you, to get to know my Snuggie. To be involved in my Snuggie's life. To grow with my Snuggie.

This blog explores the possibility that the things we never thought we wanted could in fact end up bringing unending joy to our lives.

This blog chronicles the story of a boy and his Snuggie.


  1. I too made fun of the Snuggie to the point that my brother felt it necessary to buy me a pink (one of my least favorite colors) Snuggie for Christmas. I am sharring your experience of "getting to know" my Snuggie.

  2. *experiencing fit of hilarity*
    Bwahahahaha! I hate those things! People are chillin at home, sporting friggin Dali Lama couture...... This is going to be fun.
    Did you know that they have them for DOGS, now?

  3. There's a poll on the Doggie Snuggie on the right side of the blog. LOL.